Cyprus web development services by Bluebell

Cyprus web development and Cyprus web developersOur firm's Cyprus web development services have to do with programming (not really design even though the two are linked).  These are mainly needed for creating dynamic websites, bringing interactivity to a site, or building web applications and advanced functionality. They create or grow the ‘engine’ or ‘internal organs’ of the web site but not the ‘skin’ or ‘outer shell’ of the site.  The latter fall under the realm of web design.  Starter companies should not need to get custom development for their sites and should instead choose an off-the-shelf module that can do a similar job and which is a lot cheaper.

Cyprus web developers you can trust!

Our team of Cyprus web developers is here to develop your company website and deal with all the different technological challenges in order to deliver a well functioning dynamic and/or interactive site or web application.

Our web development technologies include:

  • Server-side scripts (ASP, PHP, CGI,)
  • Client-side scripts (JavaScript)
  • Java applets
  • Plug-ins (Flash, QuickTime, RealMedia, WindowsMedia)

Server-side scripts connect the web page with a database or application, allowing you to customise your site for different users and serve dynamic pages. Scripting options include ASP, PHP and CGI scripts. They all live on your site’s server and rely on its processing power.

Client-side scripts are small programs that download with the web page and bring interactivity to the site. JavaScript is the main client-side scripting language, and it is used for features like image rollovers, image maps, and collapsible menus.

Applets are small, custom-made programs that download with the browser and play or function in the user’s browser. Programmed in Java, these applications are more robust than JavaScript programs, but they also take longer to download and play.

Plug-ins are add-on technologies that blend seamlessly into the browser, bringing audio, video, or multimedia capabilities into the page. However users must have the particular plug-in installed (and installed correctly) to benefit from them.

Website development is not really needed for simple static websites where CSS and HTML will suffice but few sites are so simple anymore. Many web sites nowadays are serving customised dynamic pages which are essentially created on-the-fly by the server and may even appear differently to each incoming user.  Dynamic web pages are generally made possible by scripts (like ASP and PHP) that reside on-and rely on-the server.  Other web development technologies include CGI Scripts, JavaScript, Plug-ins, Java Applets, etc.  Therefore professional web development firms need to have a very good grasp of all of these technologies, including their advantages and disadvantages to be able to recommend which is the best option (or combination) according to the purpose and budget.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for professional Cyprus web developers that can deliver top quality web development services, Bluebell is the company you want to partner with!